Integrate ANY in-cab system with ANY dispatching system

Xenolytic Data Solutions

What is XenoComm?

  • High performance framework for all transportation system to fleet data communications
  • Replaces existing methods of communicating data with trucks
  • Performs well in both cloud-based or traditional server environments
  • Scalable for highly available support of large fleets
  • Collects critical ECM data for analysis and reporting

“XenoComm goes way beyond sending simple messages for a dispatch system. The true reality that IT and operational groups face today is a technical landscape made up of heterogeneous systems that typically aren’t built to communicate with each other. That lack of communication results in loss of efficiency, which translates to lost revenue and business opportunity. XenoComm solidly fills that gap by providing the means of building upon and leveraging exist-ing systems to gain efficiency and competitive advantage…”

  1. Scott Morgan – President, Xenolytic Data Solutions

System to Fleet Data Communication

  • Integrates any in-cab system with any back office system
  • Integrate multiple in-cab systems with a single back office system
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Powerful plug-in architecture for custom functionality
  • Replaces archaic methods of communicating data with trucks





Business to Business Data Communication

  • Share data between customers and carriers in near real-time
  • Establish a powerful and flexible intra-company data sharing net-work
  • Automatically maintains master data cross references
  • All data transmissions securely encrypted