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About us

Located in the heart of Broken Arrow’s Rose District, XDS is a software development company whose primary focus is providing cloud-based solutions that enable customers to realize gains in efficiency and competitive advantage through data systems integration and business intelligence.

Our flagship product XenoComm is a high-performance data communications framework that securely integrates any type of data system. XenoComm’s highly extensible cloud-based architecture allows companies to translate and communicate data with their customers and associates in real time.

XDS is also a leading provider of hosted PBX and VoIP solutions. This cutting-edge technology allows companies to move their entire phone system to the cloud for centralized management and advanced functionality while realizing savings in service costs and overall cost of ownership.

Data: Transformed and Realized


1.844.788.XENO or 1.844.788.9366

112 W Dallas Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74012