Professional Services

Transportation Technologies

The Xenolytic Professional Services Group specializes in supporting industry-leading technology solutions and custom application development to handle the most intricate integration needs for the transportation industry.

Our technical staff are comprised of seasoned IT veterans with decades of experience to enable the customer to realize their full potential using in-cab and back-office technologies.

Data: Transformed & Realized

  1. to grasp or understand clearly
  2. to bring vividly to the mind
  3. to make real; bring reality to
  4. to convert into cash or money

“Our professional services group understands the importance of turning data into operational insight and competitive advantage for all of our clients…”

  1. Scott Morgan – President Xenolytic Data Solutions

Technology Supported


  •  Direct-to-cab data integration with external systems
  •  Link integrations
  •  Workflow and form customization
  •  Planning, deployment oversight & training
  •  Advanced data aggregation & re-porting
TMW Suite

  • Planning, requirements analysis, deployment & oversight
  • Customization and integration with external systems
  • Order lifecycle management & reporting
  • TotalMail alternatives



Our Competitive Advantage

Solid industry experience

  • 20 years in transportation
  • Seasoned developers, DBAs and solutions providers
Resource capacity

  • Substantial pool of seasoned IT veterans with decades of experi-ence
  • Availability to dedicate resources to long-term deployments
We understand the client

  • We’ve walked miles in the client’s shoes
  • Excellent management and client satisfaction skills
  • Troubled project turnaround and conflict resolution